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    Travel Business Consultant


    There are a number of benefits to appointing a travel business consultant which are outlined below:


    • Based on what you plan to sell it is important to be clear what licences/memberships you require.


    • How a travel business consultant can help: We will spend time understanding your plans in terms of your budget, target market, products and will be able to clearly advise what licence or membership you need in order to comply with regulations.


    • Depending on what type of product you will be selling there may be a number of routes you can take to comply.


    • How a travel business consultant can help: We will run through all options available to you explaining the pros and cons to each route and agree on a plan to execute. This will be taking into account cost, administration, timescale.


    • When starting a travel business, it would be wise to not only consider the short-term future of the business it would be beneficial to consider the long-term future.


    • How a travel business consultant can help: We will outline your best options from day one but will also set out the bigger picture. What is the more affordable, time-saving and efficient process when you start out may not be in the future. We will clearly explain why that could be the case and set out when would be the best time to reconsider your options.


    • Many clients tell us that they would like to focus on sales and find the paper work and understanding the regulations a burden.


    • How a travel business consultant can help: We will take on the role of main contact with the licence/membership body. This means we will deal with all the correspondence and handle the maintenance and renewal of your licence. This gives you the peace of mind to focus on developing your business.
    • The travel industry is always evolving, regulations change, new regulations come in and it can be stressful to stay up to date and ensure you are implementing the appropriate changes.


    • How a travel business consultant can help: We will ensure you are well informed in respect of any changes in the industry that may affect you and will also help you with the implementation. We are available to you all year round for any queries you may have or any advice you require.

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