Air Travel Organiser’s Licence (ATOL)

Whether you’re looking to obtain your first ATOL licence, or you require some assistance with the maintenance/renewal of your current licence,
LIA can help you.

New Application Process

We have simplified the process into these five steps. However, the process can be challenging, and you should allow between 2-3 months for it to be finalised.


  • Lodge an application to the Civil Aviation Authority
  • Once the CAA are satisfied with the application and have no further queries they will invite you to their offices for a meeting.
  • By the end of the meeting, providing there are no issues, you should expect to receive an ‘offer letter’.
  • An offer letter will set out the grant conditions that you will need to comply with.
  • Once you have complied with the conditions of the offer letter, your ATOL licence will be granted!

How We’ll Help

Travel Industry Consultants aim to make the process as stress free as possible and will provide the following support:

  • Assist in the completion of the application form.
  • Clearly outline what supporting documentation is required and assist in putting it together.
  • Once we are comfortable that we are providing a full application in line with the standards expected by the CAA we would submit the forms on your behalf.
  • We will handle the correspondence with the CAA and act as your main contact for any queries they may have.
  • Attend your meeting at the CAA with you.
  • Set out what is required in order to meet the grant conditions of your offer letter.
  • Assist in placing the bond.


If you have experienced an ATOL renewal cycle you will be aware that the process can be equally as long in duration as the new application process.

We will help prepare the application form, checklist and supporting information.

We will also assist in the placement of your ATOL bond and be on hand if the CAA requires a meeting (although not a typical requirement).

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