Licensing for Hajj & Umrah

Leisure Industry Advisors has vast experience in dealing with Hajj and Umrah operators. Over the years, Charley has represented a number of Hajj and Umrah travel businesses to assist them in meeting their obligations of obtaining an ATOL and IATA.

As a result of this we have built up knowledge of the market, the demands of a Hajj and Umrah operator, how their businesses operate and understanding the obstacles companies face to get their Visas from the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia.


Appointing Charley as consultant for my company has been extremely valuable. As both an ATOL holder and IATA agent, Charley has taken care of both licences ensuring that both are kept in order and making sure we meet deadlines. Charley has represented us for seven years and we have enjoyed a great working relationship. I would recommend his services to any travel agent/tour operator.

Sharif Haque – Manager of Zam Zam Travels Limited

Charley handled the process of my company becoming an ATOL holder. I would recommend appointing Charley as your consultant as he will remove all the hassle of paper work allowing you to dedicate all your time to the running of your business. It takes a lot of time understanding the ATOL regulations and to understand what is required of you as an ATOL holder so having someone like Charley on-board with his extensive knowledge gives you peace of mind.

Sher Zaman – Director of Sunnah Tours Limited

Hajj businesses have a responsibility to comply with regulations in the UK but also the requirements of the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi. This is extremely time consuming, therefore having an expert consultant like Charley by your side who understands the complex travel regulations and who takes care of all the aggravation that comes with paper work allows me to focus on other aspects of running my business.

Akbar Khan – Director of UK Hajj & Umrah Services Limited

Charley has been representing my company when dealing with ATOL for over five years now and it is reassuring to know that I have appointed someone who ensures I am fully up to date with the requirements of my companies ATOL licence. I can trust him to make sure I do not miss deadlines and he is able to clearly explain any changes that occur in the industry which may affect my business.

Abdul Odud – Al-Hashmi Hajj & Ummrah Tours Limited

Charley acted as my consultant in the process to obtain an ATOL licence and IATA accreditation for my company and continues to handle the renewal process on our behalf. He is accessible all year round for any questions I have and I am very happy with how he manages my file.

Dr Mohamed Benotman – Director of Alkhalil Hajj Travels Limited